Kingdom Performing Arts Academy (KPA2) is a non-profit, performing arts education program for children ages 5-18 that is committed to training the next generations of artists to serve the world. Founded in 2009, KPA2 contiues with a call to make “life investments” into young emerging performing artists through programs that strive for excellence in two paralleling essential foundations of (1) artistic knowledge and skill, and (2) character development.

The mission of KPA2 is to produce quality, wholesome, family entertainment through training in the arts. KPA2 is committed to the highest ethical, moral, technical, and artistic standards of excellence. Our instructors are professionals who are qualified in teaching and/ or performing.

We work to instill three main principles by way all of our programs, classes, and performances. Discipline, Integrity, & Perseverance are at the forefront of our teachings and efforts, concepts that we deem crucial to a performing arts career.