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Who Are We

Who We Are

Beyond The Praise Production LLC is a production company specializing in films and documentaries.  It is a dynamic entity that blends creativity, vision, and technical expertise to bring compelling stories to life.

"Our production company is committed to crafting impactful narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide, sparking conversation, and inspiring change."

"We strive to create a diverse range of films and documentaries that explore the human experience, challenge perceptions, and shed light on important social, cultural, and environmental issues."

  • Our team of filmmakers, producers, and artists is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of storytelling, cinematography, and editing.

  • We value collaboration with talented individuals and organizations, fostering partnerships that enhance the quality and reach of our projects.

  • We embrace cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques to enhance the visual and narrative impact of our productions.

  • We are passionate about using the power of film to raise awareness, promote understanding, and drive positive change in society.

  • With a global outlook, we aim to create stories that resonate with audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering empathy and understanding.




A 7 part docu-series on the flagship artist of Kingdom Records, Shekinah Glory Ministry, celebrating the release of their first album 20 years ago.


  • Expand our reach and impact through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

  • Develop innovative storytelling formats to engage audiences in new and immersive ways.

  • Champion diversity and inclusivity both on-screen and behind the scenes, reflecting the richness of human experiences.Top of Form

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